I am an energetic and determined professional, eager to develop and maintain sustainability. Having knowledge in various domains, I am able to quickly pick up technologies and professionally crack the problem.

Demodesk GmbH 2017-10-01 — 2017-04-01

IDP Student

Built a Service-Oriented-Architecture based data pipeline for real-time conversation analytics. Implemented and adjusted a NLP based keyword matching solution.


  • Integrated and adjusted a self hosted Kaldi Automated Speech Recognition engine as a service
  • Built and adjusted GStreamer media pipeline
  • Implemented NLP keyword matching solution based on gensim library and NLTK for processing text

TUM Engineering Risk Analysis Group 2016-04-01 — 2017-04-01

Research assistant

Development of a Bayesian network library for internal use.


  • Initial implementation in MATLAB compatible Octave prgramming language
  • Reimplementation and further development in Python3

Max Planck Institute For Social Law And Social Policy 2016-06-01 — 2017-04-01

Research assistant

Built and implemented tools for automated translation via Moses statistical machine translation system


  • Rebuilt Moses with adjusted internals for REST API
  • Developed REST API for translating several languages, that routes through several VMs

Bentley Systems 2015-02-01 — 2015-09-01

Software Engineer

QA test automation for products on Windows OS.


  • Worked and adjusted with in-house test deployment system
  • Wrote and adjusted tests for TestComplete tool

Elinta Motors 2014-10-01 — 2015-02-01

Software Engineering intern

Developed software for automotive communication connection for hybrids vehicles.


  • Developed a communication reverse engineering tool for extracting meaningful data
  • Developed CAN reader and wireless transmitter
  • Worked on enabling three-way communication between combustion and electric engines, and dashboard

Bentley Systems 2014-06-01 — 2014-09-01

Software Engineering intern

QA test automation for products on Windows OS.

Bentley Systems 2013-11-01 — 2013-02-01

Software Engineering intern

QA test automation for products on Windows OS.

Bentley Systems 2013-06-01 — 2013-09-01

Software Engineering intern

QA test automation for products on Windows OS.

KTU 2013-04-01 — 2015-06-01


Dormitory network administration.


  • Maintained 200 users, 20 wireless access points and surveilance camers for a single dormitory
  • Developed software for user agreement automation form for joining the network

remoto 2018-03-01 — 2018-07-01

Various features for remoto - remote command executor via ssh and Python.

TUM Campus App 2017-10-01 — 2018-03-01

Android application for TUM students. Worked on fixing issues and introducing CI/CD methodologies.

P2P Gossip module 2017-04-01 — 2017-09-01

P2P module for maintaining interconnected nodes via Brahm's algorithm.

RPi surveillance camera 2017-07-01 — 2017-10-01

Surveillance camera that detects movement and logs clips to Dropbox.

concert.trip 2017-06-24 — 2017-06-25 hackathon project to give full concert plan (trip, accommodation, and concert) based on users Spotify favorite artists.

FreshRSS 2017-04-01 — 2017-05-01

Self hostable RSS feed aggregator. Added several features.

Liths Memberlist 2017-04-01 — 2017-09-01

Memberlist that scrapes and updates relevant information about members.

Scout ID management platform 2015-03-01 — 2015-12-01

Registration for ID, status preview and management platform.

SmartFood multi-agent system 2014-02-01 — 2014-06-01

JADE based agent system for tracking personal food via labels. Agents implemented: webcam barcode reader; food description fetcher; food expiry warner; recipe fetcher.

Technical University of Munich 2015-10-01 — 2018-10-01


Kaunas University of Technology 2011-09-01 — 2015-07-01

Informatics Engineering